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  2. An X or a C?

    Hello, Dear Reader.

       This might be a pointless post (fitting, as to the names I have chosen) but there are some changes going in this here comic churning machine. Originally, I started Futile Comix as a secondary blog here on tumblr; Which, as many as you may know, comes with a set of limitations. I am trying to fix that issue, and it seems that the only way for me to do that is to re-name my primary and relocate everything over there. 

    SO! if you feel so inclined, and would like to keep up to date with my silly little comics, please step over to: www.futilecomics.tumblr.com  and follow that weirdo (which is me) where I will slowly try to make the transition, and hopefully bring some of you with me. Look at that tiny guy up there.. give ‘im a hug wontcha?

  3. Weird Science

  4. Mistery Meats

  5. Insanity

  6. Hearsay

  7. Unsung

  8. Street Animals

    watercolor + ink 

  9. Rhymes

  10. Rooftops

    Ink+Digital Coloring

    This might just adorn the cover of the coveted FUTILE COMIX no.3 in all of its colorful glory. How about you tell your friends.